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dukkan_small Lavash is proud to serve one of the best Halal Turkish Food in Chicago area, if you are a Doner/Gyro fan, this is the place.Very close to downtown Chicago.Beef Doner, Chicken Doner, Adana Kebab, and unique desserts such as Rice Pudding (Sutlac), Kazandibi are some of their best selections.Lavash is a soft, thin flatbread, popular in the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Armenia and some other countries.Lavash is made with flour, water, and salt.

The thickness of the bread varies depending on how thin it was rolled out.Toasted sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds are sometimes sprinkled on before baking.

Traditionally the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against the hot walls of a clay oven.While quite flexible when fresh, lavash dries out quickly and becomes brittle and hard.The soft form is easier to use when making wrap sandwiches.

Key ingredientsFrequently used ingredients in specialties include: lamb, beef, chicken, fish, eggplants, green peppers, onions, garlic, lentils, beans, and tomatoes.
Nuts, especially pistachios, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts, together with spices, have a special place in Turkish cuisine, and are used extensively in desserts or eaten separately.

Preferred spices and herbs include parsley, cumin, black pepper, paprika, mint, oregano, pul biber (red pepper), allspice, and thyme.
Olives are also common on various breakfasts and meze tables frequently.